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Unemployment 9.3 in March 2010

The unemployment in March 2010 was 9,3%, or 15.059.

Unemployment by gender
Unemployment was 10,2% among men in March 2010 and 8,1% among women, the same as in February 2010.

Unemployment by age
There were 3.147, 16-24 years unemployed in March 2010 or 19% of all unemployed in March 2010 or the same as in February 2010.

Long-term unemployed
There were 8.533 unemployed in the end of March 2010, up from 7.867 in February 2010. Unemployed over 12 months increased from 4.365 in February to 4.601 in March 2010.

Open vacancies
The number of open vacancies was 256 in the end of March 2010 and increased by 95 open vacancies from February 2010.

Granted work permits
There were 17 new work permits issued in March 2010.

The unemployment forecast for April 2010
It is expected that unemployment will not change considerable in April and be between 9% - 9,4%.

News & announcements

14. November 2014

The labour market in October 2014

There were in average 5.217 unemployed in October or 3,2% registered unemployment which is up from 3% in September or 188 more unemployed.


14. October 2014

The labour market in September 2014

There were in average 5..029 unemployed in September or 3% registered unemployment which is down from 3,1% in August 2014 but 393 fewer unemployed.


Payment slips in electronic form

Unemployment payment slips are not sent out in paper through regular mail anymore (from October 2009). They're only displayed electronicly on your personal account at the Directorates of Labour (Vinnumálastofnun) application website and at the Social Insurance (Tryggingastofnun) website  www.tryggur.is/

More information about access to payment slips here



25 November 20107.9076.01913.926

A specific proviso must be made in the evaluation of the unemployment rate, for example, about 20% included in the number of these figures are receiving part-time benefits.

Confirmation of job search
Unemployment benefits information

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